English Math Content Lesson Idea: Video


Find it in This free tool is a great choice for introducing students to a number line that you can customize to fit their needs at http://www.simplek12.com/math/use-interactive-number-line/



Get the guide at:  http://www.middleburyinteractive.com/digital-courses/english-language-learning/school-solutions/case-studies/motivating-students-learn?utm_source=eSchoolNews-eBlast-051017

English Content Resources: Video Encyclopedia in 1, 2 & 3 minutes


Great resource to teach content! Find it here at http://www.check123.com/

ESL in the USA: Content Can Only be Delivered in English, Right?


Maybe not, according to some.  Read more about one example of content instruction in L1 here in Breaking school language barrier 

at https://www.districtadministration.com/article/breaking-school-language-barriers

Using content materials for ESL instruction


Always an important question.  Find the publication here at http://exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/using-content-materials-for-esl-instruction/education

ESL and ELT: Sites for Free Audio Books


Check out these resources published on https://www.pinterest.com/pin/410249847284608302/?fb_action_ids=1283867658306333&fb_action_types=pinterestapp%3Apin&fb_ref=220676587899587797%3A9fd0d0295bd541d1bacf


  • OpenCulture: From Aesop’s Fables to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or from Kipling’s Rikki Tikki Tavi to Dickens’ Oliver Twist, OpenCulture has audio books galore.
  • Kids Learn Out LoudThe Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis, is included in this free collection, as are Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell; Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel DeFoe; and many others.  Speeches, presidential addresses, podcasts, and more are included on this packed, resource-rich site.
  • StoryNory: This site offers free audio downloads of classic fairy tales, world fairy tales, fables, 1001 Nights, and more.
  • Lit2Go: What I love about this site is that not only is it packed with hundreds of free audio books, but many of the books and poems have free PDFs to download and print so that children can read along, highlight, and mark up the passage being read.
  • Project Gutenberg: There are 42,000 free ebooks, but not all of them are audio books.  The books are shared freely here because their copyrights have expired.
  • AudioBooksforFree.com: L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz and Julius Lester’s The Tales of Uncle Remusare included here, along with dozens and dozens of others.
  • OpenLibrary: OpenLibrary is just that—an open library.  It is an open, public site with the goal of hosting one web page for every book published. At this point, the collection is young but growing. Each of their free eBooks has an audio component, with computer audio recordings.
  • International Children’s Digital Library: “A library for the world’s children,” this site contains over 4,000 books in 61 languages.  So cool. Though there aren’t many hardcopies I could link to, perhaps some families have the books at home or would just like hearing books read in a foreign language.


The Tricky Issue: Assessment for English learners: Content, language or both?


Who can relate  Learn more here


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