Teacher Advocacy Starts With You


To all my friends: Consider sharing local cultural events with your schools and with home families.  Can you imagine how proud families are to see their childrens’ teachers at their events?  Here is one example of how I do it:

I am proud of my community for offering many cultural events celebrating the contributions and heritage of various community cultures. Please share the list with your schools, faith, and social communities and encourage others to bring their families to learn and make new friends. Be a bridge-builder. It starts with each family.



Assessing the Needs of Immigrant, Latino Families and Teachers in Rural Settings: Building Home-School Partnerships


Article can be found here:  https://www2.nau.edu/nabej-p/ojs/index.php/njrp/article/view/42/0

Examples of Community Initiatives


Read “Refugee Bhutan women find joy, profit in spinning fiber” at http://www.kentucky.com/living/article82016027.html


Example of Community Group Assisting Decisions About Female Genitalia Mutulation


A taboo topic that is faced by many young girls from other cultures.  Let’s help them and their families to navigate their own culture and new ways to consider femininity. See one example here from Oxford, England:   http://oxfordagainstcutting.org/rose-community/

Create a Movement Featuring Immigrants in the USA


Great new initiative creating a weave of stories and pictures.  Participate with your schools.  http://www.iamanimmigrant.com/generate/index.php

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