International Students and Employees Coming to the USA: How to Self-Promote


In many cultures, self-promotion is not acceptable.  However, in the USA, it is part of the professional and educational culture.  Therefore, international students and employees need to read up and learn about this important cultural trait.  Find more at How to Adapt to American-Style Self-Promotion at

The Role of Culture in Globalization and Employment


Globalization requires special skills in dealing with the innovators and employees.  Excerpt:

Common practices make collaborating globally far easier. And they can be a source of competitive advantage. But our research shows that wise leaders focus on the intent of the practice, not the specifics, and encourage adaptation and experimentation to ensure that the practice achieves the desired benefits. Companies that get this right are likely to find that their people are more effective and happier at work. And ultimately, giving employees the space to experiment in this way allows them to come up with new innovations that can be shared elsewhere.

Read more in Research: Why Best Practices Don’t Translate Across Cultures at

ELT: 25 Idiomatic Expressions for Typical Workday Scenarios


How to “talk the talk”:

Preparing Your Students for Work and Interviews in the USA? What do You Need to Tell Them?


Culturally, there are huge differences on how different countries conduct their interview process. Preparing your students is important.  Read One Thing You Must Know Before Your Job Interview with American Companies  at to learn more

Number of Hispanic-Serving Colleges Grows


Readmore at

A High School’s Lesson For Helping English Language Learners Get To College


An NPR Podcast:

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