7 Tips For School Counseling With ELL Students


Don’t forget to collaborate with your school counselors to the benefit of your ELs. More here 

Be an effective collaborator


As a teacher, you have to collaborate and lead. What makes a successful partner? More here

Become a Mentor for Your Colleagues


Some considerations: How Can We Get More Highly Effective Teachers to Serve as Mentors?

Video: Learn how to preview content-area textbooks with ELLs through a “chapter walk.”


Reaching Co-Workers With Information: Bathroom Briefs


An interesting idea of communicating with colleagues at https://www.empoweringells.com/bathroom-briefs/

Collaboration between ESL specialists and general education teachers


via Collaboration between ESL specialists and general education teachers

3 Tips for Supporting ELLs Through Co-Teaching & Collaboration


Important reading for ESL teachers and their school communities at https://www.teachingchannel.org/blog/2017/11/03/3-tips-for-supporting-ells/

ESL Teacher Collaborating With Mainstream Teachers For Academic Language Development of ALL Students


Focussing on what all teachers have in common when teaching academic language and harnessing the skills of the ESL teachers to be more effective not just for ELs but for all students.

Excellent Video of ESL Teacher Collaboration


This is a great video for teachers who would like to collaborate effectively with one another to assist ELs to achieve academically by building background knowledge, be mindful of language issues, and consider different strategies.

YouTube Video: Effective collaboration between classroom teachers and ESL specialists


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