Associating colors with vowels? Almost all of us do!


Find interesting research here


The Brain Corner: The Hidden Powers of the Bilingual Brain


I guess you do not need much convincing. However, this reading may be useful for you to share with others. Find more at

Multilingual Brains


What differentiates a bi- or multilingual brain from a monolingual one? Read more here

Did You Know: It’s easier to learn new languages if you have a thick cortex


Interesting info from a Swedish study here

Benefits: Learning a second language could ease your aging brain


Learning a new language has many benefits. One of them is the effect on aging brains. More at

What’s New In Brain Research? Neuroscientists Say They’ve Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication


This new research can hold implications for teaching and learning.Find more information here

Babies who hear two languages at home develop advantages in attention


One of the benefits of hearing several languages is, according to research, an advantage in their attention. More here

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