Babies are Language Learning Machines But There Is a Snag: Timing is Everything


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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens in a Bilingual Brain?


Read interesting brain info here at


Research on the Brain and Language Learning: First language wires brain for later language-learning


Remember that the development of the first language(s) had direct implications for the acquisition of additional ones.  Downloadable paper at

Tell Your Math Teacher Colleagues: The bilingual brain calculates arithmetic differently depending on the language


Read about a fascinating study at Excerpt:

The study documents for the first time, with the help of  measurements and imaging techniques, the demonstrable cognitive “extra effort” required for solving arithmetic tasks in the second language of instruction. The research results clearly show that calculatory processes are directly affected by language.

How Word Intonation Helps Listeners Make Sense of Words: Brain Research


Interesting research with implications for language classrooms in Really? Really. How Our Brains Figure Out What Words Mean Based On How They’re Said at

Video Languages and the Brain: The Bilingual Switch



Don’t be Afraid, Try That New Language


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