Benefits: Learning a second language could ease your aging brain


Learning a new language has many benefits. One of them is the effect on aging brains. More at


What’s New In Brain Research? Neuroscientists Say They’ve Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication


This new research can hold implications for teaching and learning.Find more information here

Babies who hear two languages at home develop advantages in attention


One of the benefits of hearing several languages is, according to research, an advantage in their attention. More here

Teaching Young English Learners: How Does Their Brain develop?


An education resource at this link 

The Brain and Languages: Mother Tongue Affects What You See


Excerpt of an interesting study:

In a recent study, published in Psychological Science, Martin Maier and Rasha Abdel Rahman at the Humboldt University of Berlin examined how native language influences what we consciously perceive.

Find at

Word order predicts native speakers’ working memory


Find an interesting study at this link. Excerpt:

Memory plays a crucial role in our lives, and several studies have already investigated how we store and retrieve information under different conditions. Typically, stimuli presented at the beginning and at the end of a list are recalled better than stimuli from the middle. But are these findings universal and generalizable across languages and cultures? An international research team, led by Federica Amici from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, has recently investigated this question.

English Teaching Strategies: Drawing Is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn, According to New Research


All of us teachers already instinctively utilize this strategy. Now, research proves us right. More at

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