Resources for English Teachers: Blogs to Follow



ESL Teacher Blogs: Created by Teachers Like You


Find here a number of Blogs created by my graduate students.  Enjoy perusing them for great information:


Teacher-Created PD Blogs for Other Teachers of English Language Learners


Each one of the below-listed Blogs contains selections of information that teachers want to share with other teachers regarding teaching ELs in mainstream classrooms.  All of the Blogs were created by graduate students in my courses:

ESL Resources From Teachers for Teachers


Check out these wonderful resources by your colleagues:

ESL BLOG by US Teacher


Enjoy another BLOG by one of my advisees/graduate students/teachers:

A List of ESL BLOGS Created and Maintained by Kentucky Classroom Teachers


Learn from and with the best of them, my talented graduate students!  These BLOGS have self-created videos and many engaging materials for your schools and mainstream educators (and administrators).  Check them out and follow those whom you like best:

Great Teacher Resources: BLOGS for Teachers by Teachers of English Language Learners (ESL/ELs)


Please find the links to the individual BLOGS here.  They are great resources to share with mainstream teachers and administrators.  They include videos and lots of infor on practical classroom issues.


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