5 reasons why native speakers need to learn to speak English internationally

Just being a native speaker does not assure to be able to communicate effectively with those who come from a place of different perceptions.  This publication is an important starting point to reflect upon true communication and to anticipate pitfalls.  Read more at https://chiasuanchong.com/2016/10/27/5-reasons-why-native-speakers-need-to-learn-to-speak-english-internationally/amp/


Communicating with people from different backgrounds who have different views of the world, different ways of ‘encoding messages’, and different assumptions and expectations can pose its own set of problems. Intercultural communication by nature is already fraught with the endless potential for misunderstandings and conflict. But non-native speakers of English, albeit from different language and cultural backgrounds, have an understanding of what it means to be communicating in a language that is not their mother tongue. And native speakers on the other hand are at a disadvantage when it comes to using English internationally.

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