Stephen Krashen on Teaching Grammar

From Facebook, excerpt:

Missing from the debate over grammar teaching
Sent to the Guardian, May 13, 2017

“I think grammar teaching should start with real examples of language in use: journalism, fiction, songs, ads, instructions, headlines, transcripts of conversations and so on.” (Michael Rosen, “Can split digraphs help children learn to read and write?” May 13, 2017)
Research published in professional journals confirms that Michael Rosen is correct. We absorb, or “acquire” the complex rules of grammar through reading, not through learning complex rules that sometimes even professional linguists find hard to understand.
Studies done over the last 100 years confirm that grammar instruction has no impact on writing and that the amount of reading done, especially self-selected recreational reading, has a profound impact on writing quality. Advocates of intensive grammar instruction for young children are free to disagree with this research but are not free to ignore it.
Stephen Krashen
Michael Rosen’s article:…/can-split-digraphs-help-child…


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