Advanced English Learners: 47 Animated Philosophy Videos Explain the History of Ideas From Aristotle to Sartre

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This year we’ve been featuring short animated videos from BBC Radio 4, all covering the big questions: How did everything begin? What makes us human? What is love? How can I know anything at all? They’ve all come scripted by philosopher Nigel Warburton (he of Philosophy Bites podcast fame) and narrated by a host of notables from both sides of the pond like Stephen Fry, Gillian Anderson, Aidan Turner, and Harry Shearer. They’ve illustrated the philosophical concepts at hand not just with elaborate and joke-filled drawings that come to life before your eyes, but with direct reference to the ideas of history’s best-known thinkers: Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, Wittgenstein, de BeauvoirSartre, Freud, Chomsky — the list goes on.


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