English Lesson Planning: Earth Day Resources


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Make a Difference on Earth Day!
Help your students discover ways they can use science and engineering to protect our planet.
Explore a project-based learning unit for middle school science classrooms focused on developing solutions to minimize the negative impacts of plastics on the environment. In this NGSS-aligned unit, students use the engineering design process to define a problem, brainstorm solutions, develop prototypes and iterate on their designs. Explore this Collection
Recommended Resources
Nature Works Everywhere
Grades: 6-12
Discover the amazing ways in which nature works to make our lives cleaner and healthier every day. This collection of educational videos will help your students play a role in a more sustainable future. Discover More
The Environment and Recycling
Grades: PreK-2
In this video, Mister Rogers discusses how recycling can help clean up the environment. He visits a local recycling plant to explore how certain types of trash can be reused to make new materials. Discover More
Exploring Energy
Grades: 6-10
Design a brighter future! This collection will take your students on a journey to learn more about environmental issues related to energy use and conservation. Discover More
Happy Math Awareness Month!
Use promotion code PBS+MATH to save 30% on our newest course, “Differentiating Math Lessons for a Range of Learners.” Course term starts 6/14. (Promo expires 5/31). Enroll Now
Autism Awareness Month
Thomas & Friends Autism Collection
Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder can struggle with impulse control, flexibility, problem solving and emotional regulation. Thomas & Friends offers educators a unique way to support the development of these fundamental skills. Explore Collection
Other News
New Collection: Kindness, Empathy, and Resilience
Discover a new tool to help you foster resilience in students of all ages. This collection for children and teenagers teaches kindness, empathy, and the importance of practicing mindfulness. Explore the Collection
Digital Adventures: Tech Fun for the Summer
This webinar will provide fresh ideas to help educators facilitate and promote engaging, fun, and meaningful learning activities for students of all ages over the summer break. Register Now
May 18, 2017
Professional Development
Structure of the Earth System
Grades: 5-12 | 30 Hours
Deepen your content knowledge and familiarize yourself with multimedia tools for teaching and learning about the structure of the Earth system. Enroll Now
Earth’s Changing Climate
Grades: 9-12 | 3 Hours
This lesson uses Annenberg Learner videos, interactive labs, and data analysis to examine the critical connection between our Earth’s atmosphere and its climate. Enroll Now
New From the PBS Teachers’ Blog
Exploring Narratives: Using the PBS LearningMedia Storyboard Tools
One teacher dives into the challenges that many teachers are facing regarding the effects of digital media, including how to create producers instead of mere consumers. Read the Blog
Upcoming Programs on PBS
Spectrum: A Story of the Mind
Check Your Local Listings
Take a journey with Dr. Temple Grandin into the rich sensory experience of autism. Spectrum: A Story of the Mind explores autism through the lens of diverse characters on the spectrum. Dr. Grandin explains that sensory issues originate in the brain processing – not in the eyes or in the ears. Tune In

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