The Good-Enough-Co-teacher

Reclaiming The Language for Social Justice

By Guest Blogger Jennifer Lundstrom Hernandez

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting on a panel of co-teachers (EL and content)  to answer questions from an undergraduate class of future secondary content teachers on the topic of co-teaching.  My Earth Science co-teacher and I were one co-teaching pair, and we were joined by a pair of Super Co-teachers from St. Paul.  These co-teachers inspired awe.  They had been co-teaching for ten years and worked so seamlessly together that they could finish one another’s sentences.  On a previous occasion, I had seen this co-teaching pair model a lesson at a professional development event for math teachers.  They delivered an energetic, authentic, interactive class on calculating unit rate that was chock-full of opportunities for students to develop both academic language and math content skills. These teachers are the real deal.  And they intimidated the heck out of me.

good 'nuff road - sign

I am not easily…

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