Effectively incorporating video and video technology into lessons

Erik Halvorson

Education Connections

When designing classroom units and lessons, how do you support learning through the inclusion of technology and non-text-based materials?

For many educators, the integration of videos and technology into their lessons and units is not a new concept. With the expansion of video hosting platforms and increased access to technology, instructors are using, and even relying on, technology and video production to support student learning in the classroom. Videos can be great tools, especially for EL students, to provide visual and reduced text-based support to lessons, means of building student background knowledge, and avenues for students to show their learning, comprehension, and understanding. However, even though a lesson might include visual support through the integration of video technology, it may not be designed correctly or be an effective support for students. The inclusion of visual media and supports in lessons and activities requires careful consideration and planning in order for these opportunities to become meaningful ways to support student learning.

To explore some ideas on how to effectively incorporate video technology into classroom learning specifically for EL students, check out this article from Edutopia.

The International Literacy Association (ILA) also recently posted an article with further resources on effectively integrating video technology and learning into your classroom and lessons.


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