What tools, resources, and strategies do you employ in your classroom, school, and district to help EL students access material and further develop English language and content area skills?

Education Connections

With the potential for continued growth of the number of EL students in the education system, it is essential for classrooms, schools, and districts to incorporate support structures and techniques that help all students succeed. One recent report (Farbman, 2015) highlights the importance of four effective practices to better support EL learners: 1) extending literacy block upwards of 2.5 hours a day; 2) data-driven designated academic intervention sessions which support core academic classes and subjects; 3) maintaining EL support services even for fluent students to further boost academic skills; and 4) ensuring enough time is allotted for educators and school staff to collaborate and plan on addressing student needs, as well as to attend professional development.

For a closer look at these four suggestions, as well as some additional supports to help EL learners, check out the fifth research summary in this list, or view the full report.


Farbman, D. (December 2015) Giving English Language Learners the Time They Need to Succeed. Boston, MA: The National Center for Time and Learning.


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