English Reading Strategies

Education Connections Tuesday’s Tip: Developing and Encouraging Close Reading Skills

Education Connections

A central component of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is that students are able to read, understand, and interact with increasingly complex texts. While the CCSS often require students to make connections between the text and the larger world, the standards also encourage students to look closer into the text and develop evidence-based reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Helping students develop close reading skills can be a challenging process, especially in classrooms where students are still working to develop their academic and conversational English skills. However, by using instructional techniques such as the Close Reading Protocol, educators can help students develop the reading, researching, and critical thinking skills needed to engage deeply with texts.

For more information about the Close Reading Protocol (CRP), and an example of how you can structure an activity using the CRP model in your classroom, check out this strategy outline from Facing History.


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