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This Edition: Building Analysis Skills Through Art | Using Technology to Boost Confidence | Number Talks
Students analyze art and learn to make literal observations and evidence-based inferences.
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English Learners engage in communication using readily available technology tools.

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Sentence frames empower English language learners in academic conversions.
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This month, our school is focusing on English language instruction. Administrator walkthroughs are underway, observing the types of instruction already addressing the needs of ELLs and identifying the areas where teachers may need support. I’m excited about this shift in focus because there are many powerful strategies to use for ELLs. All my students can benefit greatly from strategies that are intended to help English learners, such as the use of graphic organizers, dramatic interpretations of stories, explicit teaching and modeling of lessons, and opportunities to speak with me and with one another in their own classrooms and in the world.

Take a look at Supporting English Learners in the Primary Classroom. This is a great place to begin because the strategies presented are adaptable for any grade level. The rich examples will help you see how these strategies operate in the classroom This is one great blog post that arrived just in time for me!

Sarahmaria l perryman

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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Discover several research-based strategies that help ELL students with language acquisition and promote their academic success.

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Among other things, the Common Core asks students to explain their thinking and build on others’ talk in conversation. What if your students don’t speak English?

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