Videos on Building Empathy

Watch Maricela Montoy-Wilson teach her students to get excited about the strategies they can implement to pursue and tackle a challenging problem.
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Discover how Anne Melcher incorporates social and emotional strategies that teach students to communicate, relax, and take risks that lead to academic success.
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Watch Jennifer Hawkins use an “Emotional Check-In” as a way to build emotional intelligence and a positive class culture.

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Author Zaretta Hammond shares how to best serve all students in the classroom by building relationships that support culturally responsive teaching.
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Empathy is critical as educators try to create environments that ensure every child feels comfortable and welcome in the classroom. A safe place where students enter as stakeholders and are eager to contribute to the class are hallmarks of a successful learning space. This type of class culture is conducive to the success of all students — success that is not solely academic in nature.

This week, Teaching Channel highlights resources that focus on the social and emotional aspects of learning. How do you help a student “fail forward” and grow while attempting a difficult task? How have teachers created an inclusive environment that welcomes high level discourse? What strategies do educators use to ensure that their students are both physically and mentally present in their classrooms? I know these questions are important in my STEM classroom and don’t require a Herculean effort on my part. See how you can easily incorporate simple measures that deliver big results for your kids.

crystal morey


Teaching Channel Laureate


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