Pew Research Center: Latino Voters and the Election

JULY 07, 2016
Hispanic voters and the 2016 election
Top campaign issues include the economy and immigration; attention given to news about the election lags other voters
An overwhelming share of Hispanic registered voters (86%) say the economy will be very important to their vote in 2016; among all voters, 84% cite the economy as very important. Hispanic voters also cite health care (82%), terrorism (80%), immigration (79%), education (78%) and foreign policy (74%) as very important voting issues.

At this point in the campaign, Hispanic voters lag all registered voters on several measures of engagement. Two-third of Hispanic voters (67%) say they have been following news about the election very or fairly closely. That compares with 85% of all voters. And while 80% of all voters say they have been giving quite a lot of thought to the election, a smaller majority of Latino voters (68%) say the same.

However, most Hispanic voters (63%) say they are more interested in politics this year than they were in 2012. Among all voters, a similar percentage (60%) expresses increased interest in politics.

Hillary Clinton currently has a 66%-24% advantage over Donald Trump among Hispanic registered voters. This is on par with Barack Obama’s lead among Hispanics at similar points in the past two presidential campaigns.READ MORE ON HISPANIC VOTERS>>

Full report: 2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction

A record 27.3 million Latinos will be eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential elections. See how the share of Latino voters varies by state and by congressional district in our interactive maps.EXPLORE THE MAPS>>

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