Teaching Double Negatives

by KY teacher:
Many of the incorrect expressions are double negatives so having a mini lessons on double negatives could be useful


here’s another idea
Writing activity

Ok, now it’s your turn to transform sentences with double negatives into grammatically correct sentences:

1. You aren’t barely old enough to live on your own.

2. Why can’t you hardly wait for your parents to pick you up?

3. She was so disappointed because she couldn’t go neither.

4. My father had to sell our car because he didn’t scarcely
have enough money anymore.

5. I have so much to do that I haven’t ever got time to rest.

6. You aren’t but a minority.

7. She just merely recalled how poor they used to be.

8. The new accountant hasn’t worked here except three months.

9. The blanket didn’t barely protect their shivering bodies.

10. Her daughters seldom ever visit her at the hospital.


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