There are many activities to use for teaching adjectives and adverbs to our ELL students

Posted by Maria Thompson:

There are many activities to use for teaching adjectives and adverbs to our ELL students.

I have used the I Spy Game for adjectives.  You pick an object from the classroom (and a color if you want to make it easy to ELLs) and say:  “I spy an object that is black”.  The students take turns to ask you questions using adjectives (“Is it round? Is it soft?).  They keep asking questions with adjectives until one guesses the object correctly. This student gets to be the new “spy”.

I have also used the Mystery Box activity.  A student picks an object from the box and (without letting the others look at it) describes the object with 3 adjectives (depending on the language level I may ask for a full sentence) to let the others guess it.  Every wrong guess is a body part of the hangman.  The one that guesses the object gets to pick a new object from the Mystery Box (ball, ring, fruit, cotton ball, feather, etc.)

I like to teach adjectives for sensorial writing.  For example, I have a collection of Little Leveled Readers books from Scholastic for young students.  After we read them aloud we use adjectives to write and illustrate the following “My Sense Poem” such as: I hear—, I see —, I smell —. I taste —, I touch —. 

This year I did many prewriting activities with my Japanese kids before they wrote their own Haiku.  One activity was The 5 Sense Ideas.  They had to select their favorite time of the year (season or a holiday) and describe it with adjectives and adverbs using the following:  Sights, Sounds, Tastes, Smells, and Feels.  Later they wrote their Haikus using this word bank of adjectives and adverbs.

I like to use kinesthetic activities to teach simple, comparative, and superlative adjectives (tall, taller, and tallest) by making the students line up from tallest to the smallest (or vice versa) or adverbs with TPR activities by telling a student a command to show an action verb such as: “walk”, “walk slowly”, “walk quickly”, etc.

I just found an activity titled “Appetizing Adjectives” that I plan to use with some restaurant menus that I have collected.  In net, the students need to use adjectives to make the menus more appetizing (“Try our heavenly, juicy, and delightful hamburger”)

I am attaching the following link that offers many PowerPoint for Adjectives and Adverbs.


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